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Stream Lee - Managing Director, Canada (Partner)

Stream Lee is Managing Director of Emagine Content Canada and partner of Emagine Content, a full service talent management company with HQ in Beverly Hills. She represents client’s endeavors in film, television and production in both Canada and the United States, and has recently led the expansion of Emagine, with the opening of the office in Vancouver, Canada.

Stream started her career as a TV news journalist and with over 2 decades in the business and has worked hand in hand with many international celebrities. She ran an International production company for over 15 years dealing with many of the industries top profiles.

She believes in a holistic approach when it comes to talent management providing exciting opportunities for emerging talent.

While many headline actors find themselves with representation in Hollywood, many emerging talent do not find representation so readily.

She knows this means lost opportunities for Canadian Talent. She is passionate and tenacious about opening doors for local talent.

Victoria Lee - Manager

Victoria Lee is a serial entrepreneur who has worked internationally. Once a reality tv star in Korea she has also worked in the Kpop industry.

She is a social media expert and runs resource groups for actors especially lending guidance to parents of child actors. She is also the Admin for Canadian Child Actor the go-to resource for industry parents.

Victoria works closely with clients to achieve their vision and project managing to help achieve those goals. Victoria is committed to her clients and has an extensive network that allows her to put her clients front an center. She takes great pride in her work especially when it comes to developing young talent.


Beverly Hills, CA
Email: info@emaginecontent.com
Vancouver, Canada

Agency License #: 846729

Email: canadatalent@emaginecontent.com

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