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About Emagine Content

A fresh new outlook on the entertainment industry.

Innovation Leaders

Innovation Leaders

Emagine Content is a global studio in Los Angeles, and New York. Emagine consists of various full-service divisions including: Production, Digital Media, Management, Literary, Distribution and Film Financing. Our companies roster and partners include many award-winning actors, screenwriters, digital influencers, producers, and directors across the industry in film, television, and new media.

Emagine Content not only represents some of the industry’s established professionals, but also has a full-service studio that develops, produces and distributes the content for the client in film, television, digital and alternative media.

Our mission is produce high quality, diverse projects, continuing to serve our clients at the highest caliber, and further establish relationships within the industry to creatively work together to create content and allow our clients career’s to blossom to their full potential and staying on-top of the progressive movement in the industry.

Our company strives to find diverse and talented artists, digital influencers, writers, directors, and producers and finding material that is unique and interesting in any genre.


Building Relationships

Emagine Content has established its relationships in the entertainment industry as a company that works intimately with its clients to create the highest level of quality, content, and professionalism. We have cultivated partnerships with some of the largest studios in the industry today.

Whether the client is working with a top casting office or in development with a studio or network, Emagine Content has resources across the industry to assist you with where you need to go. 

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