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Production Services

We offer outstanding content and production services with a new-school approach.

Emagine is a full scale production services company handling all aspects of content creation from pre-production through post.



  • Script Breakdowns

  • Budgeting + line producing

  • Concept + art design pitch decks

  • Proofreading of scripts

  • Script coverage

  • Development services

  • Global tax incentive knowledge

  • Rip reels, sizzle reels, proof of concepts

  • Hiring key crews

  • O-set producing

  • Locations

  • Equipment

  • On-set liaison

  • Talent coordination

  • Crew coordination

  • Call sheets + breakdowns


  • Supervision of editing process with studios and key stakeholders

  • Supervision of sound editing, including music licensing

  • Project management for timely delivery of finished product

  • Distribution and sales networking

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