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About Emagine Sports Management

A fresh take on athlete representation

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Innovation Leaders

Industry Leader

Emagine Sports Management is an athlete agency and management company Los Angeles. Emagine Sports Management offers a variety of services for our clients that is unrivaled to our competitors. We represent fitness influencers, athletes, and digital media influencers.

Emagine Sports Management not only represents some of the fitness industry’s leading athletes but also ties in film, television, commercial, print, branding, and digital media components to provide a 360-degree service.

Our mission is to provide a premier service for all athletes in the fitness industry where we can assist with their career, branding, licensing, endorsements, sponsorships, and managing where they would like to go in the industry. 


Building Relationships

Emagine Sports Management has developed relationships within the fitness industry to connect the athlete with the brand to facilitate a synergetic relationship to make each athlete and brand more valuable with each campaign. 

Whether the client is training for a competition or is looking to work with a brand, we look at all opportunities for the client. Emagine Sports has relationships with some of the top brands and supplement companies in the industry.  


Instagram - @emagine_sports

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