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Sales & Distribution

Progressive and forward thinking on the distribution model.

Sales & Distribution

Film & Television Distribution

Emagine Content has a sales and distribution division that searches for diverse and unique content to package together and sell across all media platforms. 

We make it our mission to ensure that all projects are appealable to a global market and are specifically tailored to our distributors with our expertise in sales and marketing plans. 

If you think you have a completed project that would be suited for Emagine to work with you on, please reach out to

From Post-Production to Screen

Whether your project is a feature film or television series, we have the knowledge of the right people at our disposal to make the sales process seamless. We deliver artistry service and ensure that you are there with us throughout the distribution deal process. We offer no hidden costs or strings when you work with Emagine to get your project to the screen. 

We attend all film markets and film festivals to scout for up and coming content. 

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