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Digital Media

Emagine's path to the future of digital studios.


Digital Development + Production

Emagine Content has a team for developing and producing digital and alternative content. Whether that be scripted or unscripted, our experienced team goes above and beyond. There are various platforms that digital content can be released on and we stay on top of the trends of where content is going.

Our digital development team works with the major players in the industry and has previously worked with big named celebrities and campaigns. We are a good fit for scripted and unscripted digital development for any kind of content. 

If you think you have a project that would be suited for Emagine to work with you on, please reach out to

The Digital Frontier

Digital and social media have taken over just about every aspect of the entertainment industry. Whether it be influencer marketing or live-streaming, the world of social media is ever changing. At Emagine, our team are experts in the digital space: everything from managing social media influencers, to predicting tech trends in social media, to branding and marketing campaigns are in a day’s work.

At Emagine, we understand that we are living in a digital age and represent the voices of this internet culture movement. From YouTube stars to Instagram influencers, our team is experienced in all things digital and social media. We believe in using social influence for good and work with influencers of all sizes to plan and foster sustainable careers.

If you are a brand or partner interested in working with one of our clients for a campaign and would like to request a catalog of talent, please reach out to

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